Briggs gets job on Middle East website

SJA member Paddy Briggs has been appointed sports editor of AME Info, the Middle East’s online news and information service.

His role includes writing a weekly column on international sport.

“You can also rate each story on a scale of one to 10,” Briggs says. “Feel free to do so.”

Briggs, who is based in south-west London, started sports writing five years ago when he lived in Dubai and he has done weekly columns for various English language dailies since.

He says: “The role at AME Info came a bit out of the blue, but everybody tells me that online is the thing of the future so I didn’t think too hard too long. I can do it all from the UK, but will pop over to Dubai from time to time.

“If the ‘hit rate’ for the website is good (and it has been promising so far), then I would like to expand the site to incorporate more copy, but that is at least six months away.

“At present the columns appear under my name as a ‘Business Extra’ item – so I do write about the business and commercial aspects of sport quite a bit.”