Questions of sport/1

Welcome to the SJA’s end-of-year sports quiz, with some fiendishly tough tests of your sporting knowledge. The quiz has £100-worth of prizes available between the first three entrants. Some answers are easier than others, most can be researched, whether through reference books, Googling, or even by searching through the SJA’s website.

But do not enter now – you need to try to answer all 100 questions that will be set for you over the course of the next 10 days. The winner will be the first e-mail entry received from an SJA member with the highest score. Final entry details will be published on Dec 31.

Now, are you ready? Get your Wisdens and Wikipedias set. Go… Here comes the first batch of questions

1, Which was the last club to win the FA Cup with a team made up entirely of homegrown players?

2, Which Chelsea player tackled Wayne Rooney when the England star fractured his metatarsal last season?

3, What’s the middle name of former Arsenal and Scotland goalkeeper and television presenter Bob Wilson?

4, What’s John Lukic’s real first name?

5, Name the European men’s cross-country champion.

6, In which sport was IOC President Jacques Rogge an Olympic competitor?

7, Name the cox of the Great Britain rowing eight which won Olympic silver medals at the boycotted 1980 Moscow Olympics.

8, Name the men’s triathlon world champion.

9, Who are the Olympic men’s basketball champions?

10, Name the most capped Great Britain hockey player.

Remember, don’t attempt to enter now – the best you could do is score 10 out of 100.

But there’s another set of questions here on the site tomorrow.