Questions of sport: The answers

We hope that you enjoyed the SJA’s first end-of-year quiz. How do you think you got on? Here are the answers to the 100 questions.

1, Which was the last club to win the FA Cup with a team made up entirely of homegrown players?
Bolton Wanderers, 1958

2, Which Chelsea player tackled Wayne Rooney when the England star fractured his metatarsal last season?
Paolo Ferreira

3, What’s the middle name of former Arsenal and Scotland goalkeeper and television presenter Bob Wilson?

4, What’s John Lukic’s real first name?

5, Name the European men’s cross-country champion.
Mo Farah

6, In which sport was IOC President Jacques Rogge an Olympic competitor?

7, Name the cox of the Great Britain rowing eight which won Olympic silver medals at the boycotted 1980 Moscow Olympics.
Colin, now Lord, Moynihan

8, Name the men’s triathlon world champion.
Tim Don, pictured

9, Who are the Olympic men’s basketball champions?
Argentina, picture right

10, Name the most capped Great Britain hockey player.
Russell Garcia (1988-2004, 139 caps)

11, Name the world record-breaking former England cricket captain who failed to persuade Hitler that Germany ought to take up cricket?
Croydon-born CB Fry, who as well as setting a long jump world record, playing football for Southampton and England, rugby for the Barbarians and played 26 cricket Tests for England, later became a delegate for the League of Nations, and in 1934 met Hitler and discussed Germany playing cricket.

12, Cricket: Between Godfrey Evans’s last Test and Alan Knott’s first, England used seven wicketkeepers. Name at least three of them.
Roy Swetman (Surrey), Jim Parks (Sussex) John Murray (Middlesex), Jimmy Binks (Yorkshire) , AC Smith (Warwickshire), Geoff Millman (Notts), Keith Andrew (Northants)

13, Jim Laker took 19 wickets in the famous Old Trafford Test match against Australia in 1956. Who took the other Australian wicket and which Aussie batsman did he dismiss?
Bowler Tony Lock; batsman Jim Burke

14, Which national newspaper racing correspondent’s father served as a judge at the Nuremburg trial after the Second World War?
The Telegraph’s John, now Lord, Oaksey

15, Name the Olympic silver medal-winner in Turin in the women’s skeleton bob.
Shelley Rudman, pictured

16, Which Briton has come closest to winning the Olympic Marathon gold medal?
Tom Richards, who at the 1948 London Games won the silver medal, finishing 16sec behind Delfo Cabrera, of Argentina

17, With which London football club did Bobby Moore share his third forename?
Robert Frederick Chelsea Moore

18, Name the captain of the Great Britain hockey squad that won the men’s Olympic gold medal in Seoul.
Richard Dodds

19, What is the 1962 Empire Games swimming 100m freestyle gold medallist better known for today?
Richard Pound is the chairman of the World Anti-Doping Agency

20, Who partnered Steve Redgrave to his second Olympic gold medal?
Andy Holmes

21, What prize did Nicole Cooke collect at the 2006 SJA Sports Awards?
SJA President’s Award

22, Where are the 2008 squash world championships being staged?

23, Where are the 2008 world short-course swimming championships being held?

24, Which country failed to qualify for the finals of football’s European championship, but finished up champions?
Denmark (1992)

25, Name the winning hockey team at the 1948 London Olympics.

26, Where are the 2007 European indoor athletics championships being held?

27, Who were the last two men to play internationally for England at both football and cricket?
Willie Watson (Yorkshire, Leicestershire and Sunderland) and Arthur Milton (Gloucestershire and Arsenal)

28, Which Minister for Sport refused to sit in the Royal Box at an FA Cup final?
Tony Banks in 1997, because he preferred to be with the fans as Chelsea beat Middlesbrough 2-0

29, 20 years on: Who won the men’s 100 metres when the Commonwealth Games were staged in Edinburgh in 1986?
Ben Johnson

30, And who won the 5,000m at those Edinburgh Games?
Steve Ovett

31, Liverpool have been in the top flight of English football since winning promotion in 1961-62. Which club was promoted with them?
Leyton Orient

32, Cricket: Which county was the first to win an English knock-out one-day cup?
Sussex, Gillette Cup in 1963

33, How many gold medals did China win at the 2006 Asian Games?

34, Which was the first club compulsorily relegated after finishing bottom of the Football League?
Lincoln City in 1986-87

35, England had four captains in the five-Test home cricket series against West Indies in 1988: Mike Gatting, John Emburey (twice) and Graham Gooch, plus one other. Name him
Chris Cowdrey, pictured right

36, 20 years on: Which Briton set an athletics world record virtually before breakfast at the 1986 European championships?
Fatima Whitbread, who set a javeln world record with her first qualifying throw

37, And which prominent sports journalist at those championships in Stuttgart, Germany, described the sight of Seb Coe, Steve Cram and a third British 800m runner coming off the final bend for a cleansweep of the medals as looking “like three Spitfires coming out of the sun”?
Ian Wooldridge in the Daily Mail

38, Name the third British medallist in that 1986 European 800m final.
Tom McKean

39, What sporting achievement is Lord Glentoran best known for?
As Robin Dixon, in 1964 he won Olympic gold medal with Tony Nash in the two-man bobsleigh, pictured right

40, Who are the netball world champions?
New Zealand

41, Paavo Nurmi, the “Flying Finn”, was disqualified from the Olympics after he turned professional after competing at the 1928 Games. Yet Nurmi won gold medals at the 1936 Berlin Olympics. How?
Nurmi was the name of the horse ridden by Ludwig Stubbendorf of Germany to individual and team three-day event golds

42, Who was the Daily Mail‘s correspondent who covered the first ever 26-mile, 385-yard Marathon at the Olympics?
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, pictured left

43, Steve Ovett beat Seb Coe to the Olympic 800m gold medal in 1980. Who won the 800m title at the 1984 Olympics?
Joaquim Cruz (Brazil)

44, Which famous Fleet Street figure was forced, literally, to eat his hat after Chelsea won the 1970 FA Cup final?
Desmond Hackett of the Daily Express

45, Name the last Briton to win an Olympic swimming gold medal.
Adrian Moorhouse, 100m breaststroke, 1988, right

46, Name the only Briton to win an orienteering world championship medal in the classic distance event.
Yvette Hague, bronze in 1993 and silver in 1995

47, Name the reigning Olympic champions… at cricket.
Great Britain (winners in 1900, the only time cricket has been staged at the Olympics)

48, Doubles: Kelly Holmes won the 800-1,500m double at the 2004 Athens Olympics. Who was the last male track athletes to achieve such a feat?
Peter Snell (New Zealand) in 1964

49, Name the London MP who is a former Northern Ireland high jump champion?
Kate Hoey

50, To which city were the 1908 Olympic Games originally awarded?
Rome, which was unable to fulfil the obligations, with London stepping in at short notice to eventually stage the Games

51, Name the Olympic steeplechase gold medal-winner who went on to become a Fleet Street sports editor.
Chris Brasher, of The Observer, 1956 Olympic champion and late President of the SJA, pictured left

52, Name the reigning Olympic champions at… rugby.
United States (winners in 1924, the last time the sport was staged at the Games)

53, In which city will the 2008 Olympics equestrian events be staged?
Hong Kong

54, Who played in goal for Aston Villa when they won the European Cup final in 1982?
Jimmy Rimmer and Nigel Spink (Rimmer went off injured early in the first-half)

55,David Hemery won the 400m hurdles gold at the 1968 Olympic Games. Who was third?
John Sherwood

56, What has been the best Great Britain women’s Olympic hockey placing?
Bronze at the 1992 Games

57, Name the sports commentator who, in 1949, was the only non-international runner ever to win the Manchester Mile.
David Coleman

58, Who are the reigning Olympic champions at… tug of war?
Great Britain (1920)

59, What was unusual about the abandonment of the third Ashes Test at Headingley in 1975?
The pitch was sabotaged overnight by protestors from the George Davis is Innocent campaign

60, Who were the last English club to beat Real Madrid in a European cup final?
Liverpool, European Cup final 1981

61, Name the former Daily Mail athletics correspondent who was reserve for Britain’s Olympic gold medal-winning 4x400m relay team in 1936.
Roy Moor

62, In what sport was the Westchester Cup contested between Britain and the United States?

63, Which Guardian correspondent had Test debut figures of 4 for 41 against the West Indies in 1976?
Mike Selvey

64, What sport is played on a court that features a net, a pass line and a penthouse?
Real, or Royal, tennis

65, What sport is associated with Bisley?

66, In what sport did former Fifa president Joao Havelange compete for Brazil at the 1952 Olympics?
Water polo

67, In what sport is the Thomas Cup contested?

68, Where was the first FA Cup final staged in 1872?
Kennington Oval

69, In what sport would you find clocks, lofts and fanciers?
Pigeon racing

70, Name the Scottish club that entered the FA Cup when it was first staged in 1871-72.
Queen’s Park

71, Which boxer’s life was the film Raging Bull based upon?
Jake LaMotta, as portrayed by Robert de Niro, pictured right

72, Who played the eponymous title role in the film National Velvet?
Elizabeth Taylor

73, In what British-made 1950s film did actor Bill Travers (in the days before he appeared in Born Free) appear as a young Scot who wins the Olympic hammer gold medal?

74, Name the 1970 British movie in which Michael Crawford and Charles Aznavour play Olympic marathon runners (seriously).
The Games

75, Who played in goal for the prisoners’ team in the film Escape to Victory?
Sylvester Stallone

76, What is the Olympic connection of movie actress Charlotte Rampling?
Her father, Godfrey Rampling, won a gold medal at the 1936 Berlin Olympics in the 4x400m relay

77, Who are the reigning Olympic champions at… polo?
Argentina (from the 1936 Games)

78, What is the man who set a British 100m record in 1967 better known for today?
Sir Menzies Campbell is leader of the Liberal Democrats party

79, Name the double Olympic athletics gold medallist who went on to win the US Open golf championship three times.
Mildred “Babe” Didrikson

80, Which bastard son of a prostitute became cricket correspondent and music critic at the Manchester Guardian?
Sir Neville Cardus, pictured right

81, What, officially, according to the FA, is the oldest football club in the world?
Sheffield FC

82, Which city was to have staged the 1944 summer Olympics?

83, Name Lord Coe’s predecessor as chairman of the 2012 London Olympics bid.
Barbara Cassani

84, Name the first winner of the SJA’s Sportsman of the Year Award.
James Dear, of rackets

85, Name the first winner of the SJA’s Sportswoman of the Year Award.
Mary Bignal, of athletics

86, Name the first winner of the SJA’s sports cartoonist of the year award.
Nick Newman, Sunday Times

87, Who is the SJA’s sports diarist of the year?
Charles Sale, Daily Mail

88, Name the last English jockey to ride the winner of the Epsom Derby.
Martin Dwyer, on Sir Percy, in 2006

89, How far is the final running stage of the annual Ironman triathlon in Hawaii?
26 miles 385 yards

90, Wales has staged the Commonwealth or Empire Games just once. In what year?
Cardiff 1958

91, Who was the last Briton to win a senior Wimbledon singles title?
Virginia Wade, 1977

92, Who scored four tries for England at Twickenham, but did not win a cap for the appearance?
Derek Wyatt, the Bedford and Bath wing (and now a Labour MP), who in 1977 played against the United States, a match for which no caps were awarded

93, Name the British city bidding to stage the 2014 Commonwealth Games.

94, Which is the only country to never win a gold medal on home soil when hosting an Olympic Games?
Canada – at the 1976 Montreal Games and Calgary in 1988

95, Name the Ireland rugby winger who made his international debut at 18 and his final Test appearance 15 years later, but is now better now for his 57 varieties.
Sir Tony O’Reilly, whose company runs the Heinz brand

96, Which Football League club’s ground is in two countries?
Chester City

97, Which journalist edited The Cricketer magazine for nearly 25 years, arranged the first Test match in England and invented the FA Cup?
Charles W Alcock, who was also FA Secretary for 25 years

98, How many seasons has Scottish football’s Old Firm ended up without a trophy?
Two: 1951-52 (Hibernian, champions; Motherwell, SFA Cup; Dundee, League Cup) and 1954-55 (Aberdeen; Clyde; Hearts)

99, Has the poetic football result East Fife 4, Forfar 5 ever happened?

100, Why did Michael Angelow became famous at the 1975 Lord’s Test?
He was the streaker