2013 Yearbook: update your profile details now

Work is underway on the 2013 SJA Yearbook, which for the first time will be a digital publication – and no, you won’t have to download it to a Kindle, but it will be available to members on this website.

Yearbook coverRandall Northam is editing the Yearbook for the first time this year.

Members intending to change their personal details or biographies in the 2013 Yearbook should do so now – our online profile form is here.

Digital profile photographs, in jpg format, need to be sent by email to Randall Northam on

When sending photographs, please ensure they are 300dpi and give them the file name of your first and surnames – i.e. RandallNortham.jpg

 Please note all members’ details will be in the 2013 SJA Yearbook unless you explicitly instruct the editor not to do so (in which case member’s name and brief details will only be included).