When ‘Shove’ came before push

By Bill Colwill

Who was the greatest England hockey player of all time? Mike Corby? Sean Kerly? Barry Middleton?

Stanley Shoveller was a burly, upstanding figure, and a legend in hockey, winning Olympic gold medals in 1908, when London first staged the Games, and then again in 1920, when he was aged 39. The only reason Shoveller, with his dazzling stick work, did not win more medals was because there were no Olympic hockey tournaments in between times.

This is a brief extract from a profile of Shoveller by the SJA’s Treasurer to be found in the latest issue of Hockey Talk Magazine.

The August issue includes a report from the Champions’ Trophy in Amstelveen, an interview with David Faulkner, the performance director of England Hockey, and even an explanation of how newsblogs work. And all of it is also downloadable as a podcast in audio form.

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