Reuters seeks new West Coast sports reporter

Reuters is seeking a new golf correspondent to replace Mark Lamport-Stokes, who left the international agency at the end of last month.

Mark Lamport-Stokes: leaves Reuters after 15 years of covering golf
Mark Lamport-Stokes: leaves Reuters after 15 years

Lamport-Stokes’s final day on Reuters staff coincided with the departure of Mike Collett, the agency’s long-standing football editor.

Lamport-Stokes had been Reuters’ golf correspondent for 15 years.

He joined Reuters’ London-based sports desk in 2001 as golf reporter, and then he moved to the United States – where three of the game’s Majors are played – at a time a decade ago when the agency was looking to expand its global sports coverage. Last year, he was given a broader sporting brief to look after a range of American sports.

But a family move to Florida has prompted the former BBC World Service stringer and cricket commentator to opt to seek new, freelancing opportunities from his base in St Augustine, close to the head offices of some key governing bodies in the game.

“I’ve really enjoyed my time working at Reuters,” he told, “but the time was right for our family to move, and I have decided to go back to freelancing.”

Reuters has advertised the vacancy, which appears to be offering a more junior position based in Los Angeles, and seeking an emphasis on multi-media and social media skills, while also expecting to provide coverage of the city’s bid to stage the 2024 Olympic Games.