Press Gazette to go monthly

Press Gazette, the journalism trade publication, is to drop its weekly print edition and become a monthly after 43 years.

The magazine’s owners, Wilmington Group, are expected to move the title to a multi-media model, with breaking news published on its website and interviews and features in the new monthly magazine.

Wilmington Group is keen to ensure the future of the British Press Awards, the main money spinner for the title, by maintaining a year-round presence in print and online.

“Press Gazette needs to reflect the time of change we are living and working in,” said Tony Loynes, editor in chief of Press Gazette.

“The new Press Gazette is part of a multi-media strategy and fits alongside our breaking news and jobs website – – and industry-leading events,”

Management met staff on Monday to discuss the future of the magazine.

Rumours have been circulating for several weeks that the paper could become monthly, or be slimmed down to A4 size, concentrating on big interviews and features while leaving news for its website.

Wilmington bought the trade weekly in December 2006 after a period of co-ownership by former Daily Mirror editor Piers Morgan and PR executive Matthew Freud.

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