How much unpaid overtime do you work?

More than one-third of journalists are working in excess of five hours unpaid overtime every week, according to the results of a survey.

The survey, carried out by the NUJ, reveals that
* 80% of respondents said they worked unpaid overtime
* 36% work more than five hours unpaid overtime each week

The survey was conducted as part of the NUJ’s contribution to Work Your Proper Hours Day – an event highlighting the long hours culture and exposing the level of unpaid overtime worked by employees across the UK.

NUJ general secretary Jeremy Dear said, “The long hours culture is threatening people’s well-being. We have seen a rise in stress cases, health concerns and journalists who struggle to achieve any work-life balance.

“Companies are forcing people to work longer and longer hours as a result of staff shortages and are profiting from thousands of hours of unpaid overtime. It is time they took urgent action to address the health and well-being concerns of their staff.”

One of those who responded to the confidential email survey said: “I work more than five hours of unpaid overtime a week, arriving early, working in the evening, and through my lunch hour.

“Despite this, my service has still been called into question when I have had a family emergency or as recently, was ill. I’ve even had to work from home, in a frightful state of health, while being booked off sick – to counteract any possible negative impression.”

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