Sports Freelancer Collective welcomes Association of Golf Writers

The Association of Golf Writers has joined the Sports Freelancer Collective, a coalition of major sports journalism associations set up to help self-employed and freelance writers, broadcasters and photographers who have suddenly found themselves with no income as a result of the coronavirus crisis.

AGW secretary Bernie McGuire said: “The AGW is delighted to be part of the collective. Many of our members are freelancers and need help and advice at this time and it is vitally important we all stick together.”

The collective comprises the SJA, the Football Writers’ Association, BCOMS, Sports Media LGBT+, Lawn Tennis Writers, Rugby Writers, British Athletic Writers, Cricket Writers’ Club, British Basketball Writers and the Association of Golf Writers.

Many of our members have seen their income reduced to zero by the blanket closure of live sport and the collective’s aim is to help, support, advise, as well as setting up an emergency fund for those who need it most.

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Sports Freelancer Collective – FAQs, info guide


Niall McGinnity of Novem9 Ltd has very kindly offered his advice free of charge. Please send your queries to

Q – I only stepped up freelance activities from January 2019 following redundancy so I’m eligible for nothing.
NIALL: If the freelance activities started in 2018-2019 a claim could still be made.  However, the condition of at least 50% of the income being self employed would need to be met i.e. total earnings in 2018-2019 less non self employed (e.g. salaried) earnings would need to be more than 50%. Further, the claim would only be based on the profit for the period Jan 2019- 5 April 2019.

Q – Do you know what I am eligible for as I earn via PAYE (but not on any kind of contract) and via self-employed – both the same employer?
NIALL: If you earn via Paye then that employer should furlough you.

Q – My situation is complex – this year (19/20) I’m a limited company, last year I had a limited company, sole trader and PAYE.
NIALL: SEISS would be applicable under the sole trader period potentially but one condition is that trade needs to be continuing. Maybe one for a direct conversation to understand it a bit better.

Q – I’m a freelancer /  sole trader, but having just checked my last three years’ accounts, I can see that I’ll average above 50k by a infuriatingly small amount.
NIALL: Unfortunately over £50,000 means you are excluded from the scheme.  Use the figures reported on the SA returns. If 2019-2020 hasn’t been filed there may be some flexibility there and you should speak to your accountant about any additional costs that would bring profit below the level.