Sports Freelancer Collective – April 10 update

Welcome to the Sports Freelancer Collective’s latest update.


A message from Philippe Auclair, FWA co-ordinator of the Sports Freelancer Collective…

Like many of you, I gather, I’ve yet to hear directly or through my accountant from HMRC re SEISS. The SFC would like to get a clearer picture of what is happening (or not happening) in this regard.

For this purpose, we’d like to hear from those of you who think – or know – they are eligible for the scheme. 

Just email ( stating:

  • HMRC has been in touch with me
  • HMRC has been in touch with my accountant
  • HMRC has not been in touch either with me or my accountant

Thank you very much for participating in this ‘survey’.

The more of you – who are eligible – respond to it, the better we’ll be able to understand the current situation, and work to protect and promote our cause.

Warning: be aware that phishers and scammers have already used fake SEISS messages purporting to be from HMRC to try and steal data. A friend of mine was targeted on the very evening of Rishi Sunak’s announcement, and my accountant confirmed that other clients of his had also received fraudulent messages. So be extra careful when dealing with emails of this kind.


Niall McGinnity, who’s been an absolute rock for the SFC, very kindly asked me to share the following information. Just click on the links to access the resources in question.

A SEISS calculator tool and simple guide – helpful to work out eligibility and support levels.

There is also a lobbying effort being made via this online form. This is collating support to lobby the government on the two main holes in current support, namely:

  • Small limited companies with directors who pay themselves in dividends and are not eligible for grants. 
  • Sole traders who set up shop from 6 April 2019 and are not eligible for grants.


The Treasury Committee is a cross-party group of MPs appointed by The House of Commons and they are here to scrutinise the Treasury. It’s worth following them on Twitter @commonstreasury


Hardships funds and emergency grants may be accessible via:


Sports psychotherapist Gary Bloom is happy to speak to anyone via @bloomers57 or emailing