Win! Get your sports journalism primer

The SJA has three copies of Rob Steen’s new academic work, Sports Journalism: A Multimedia Primer, on offer as prizes in an exclusive competition open only to undergraduates in recognised degree courses.

Steen is a leading sportswriter in his own right for publications as diverse as the Financial Times and Time Out, and is now a senior lecturer in sports journalism at the University of Brighton.

He has produced a book which offers to guide students through the principles, purpose and practice of this unique profession with an insider’s eye for the essential skills, and some of the not-so necessary tricks of the trade.

Steen’s book covers networking, writing for newspapers, tabloid and broadsheet, magazines and the web, research, covering live action, and handling press conferences and public relations flunkies, all sprinkled with a fair dose of entertaining anecdotes and some bitter experience from several leading sportswriters (including some connected with the SJA).

How to enter

Entries by e-mail only will be accepted. To enter, you must be currently studying journalism or sports journalism, at a recognised degree course in the UK.

The winners will be the first three entries with all-correct answers to the following sports journalism-related questions (all of which can be answered with a little research):

1, In what year was the Cricket Writers’ Association and the Football Writers’ Association founded?

2, Who is the SJA Sports Writer of the Year?

3, What does the acronym NCTJ stand for?

Send your three answers, together with your name, address, contact phone number, college name and course details, and name and contact number for a responsible lecturer, to

The first three correct, qualified entries win. The SJA website editor’s decision is final.

Sports Journalism: A Multimedia Primer, by Rob Steen (Routledge) (£21.99) is available for purchase via Amazon by clicking here

Get a taster of the Steen book here:
The Ten Commandments for the freelance life
From humble beginnings

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First posted September 10

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