British Library stages session on protecting your IP

The British Library is staging a half-day conference next Thursday, September 11, entitled “Copyright in the Digital Age, PR Professionals, Writers, Editors, Journalists and Authors”, which may be of interest and use to many of our members.

Copyright symbolThe session will include intellectual property presentations, discussion and Q & A with IP lawyers and specialists.

In the digital age internet users accessing creative works have an expectation for fast and free which is causing problems for the creative professions who sell their creativity and time.

Similarly consultants requested to submit full proposals supporting a business pitch can be disappointed to discover their strategic and creative ideas utilised despite not having been awarded the contract.

It raises questions as to whether a low-level understanding of intellectual property rights both by commissioners of work and those pitching for it is the root cause for lack of etiquette and ethics in business today.

Alastair McCapra, the chief executive of CIPR, said, “New developments in technology mean that others can copy and republish your material at the click of a button and you can do the same to theirs. Whilst intellectual property legislation has struggled to keep up with the pace of change, working closely with Creative Barcode will provide our members with a great opportunity to get ahead on this vital issue.”

This IP event will provide an opportunity to PR consultants, journalists and writers of all type to learn about how they can use Intellectual Property Rights in a visible, proud and positive way within their business.

Ticket price is £10 per delegate.


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