Welcoming the sports media of the Commonwealth to Birmingham


I’d just like to welcome you all to Birmingham and the Commonwealth Games on behalf of the Sports Journalists’ Association.
I appreciate times are challenging at the moment – more difficult in some Commonwealth countries than others – so it’s fantastic to see so many media in the city to cover these Games.


I know that in Great Britain we have a hugely talented sports media with some wonderful wordsmiths and outstanding photographers who will help tell amazing stories over the next couple of weeks.
I also know that the reporters and photographers from around the Commonwealth will also produce the same quality as they prepare for a fantastic fortnight.
So all the best to the media covering the Games, all the best to the athletes taking part, the volunteers helping out, and the organisers whose hard work over the last few years will now come to fruition.

I must confess I have a soft spot for Birmingham – you could say my journalism career started here. Way back in 1990 I started at Birmingham Polytechnic studying a media degree – a time when there was only about five media degrees in England. How times have changed!
The Polytechnic – now Birmingham City University – was based in Perry Barr just a stone’s throw from Alexander Stadium.
I have many fond memories – and some embarrassing ones – of my three years here. It’s changed in its look but remains an amazing, warm, welcoming, diverse city that will be a perfect host for the Commonwealth Games.
Ashley Broadley is the chair of the Sports Journalists’ Association and the sports editor at PA Media