Sports publisher goes into administration

Breedon Books, the Derby-based independent publisher of sports books, has gone into administration.

The company’s managing director, Steve Caron, wrote to the publisher’s authors with the news yesterday.

Founded in 1982 by SJA member Anton Rippon, Breedon developed a strong track record for innovative sporting titles aimed at the confirmed fan, while also building a strong catalogue of local history titles. Rippon sold the business six years ago, but it has continued to operate a lengthy catalogue.

According to the publisher’s own website, it has nearly 100 football titles on its list. Sources suggest that the dread combination of rising costs and falling sales left the company with little choice but to go into administration.

In an attempt to resurrect the business, the company has set-up Derby Books Publishing, and is seeking to transfer stock and author contracts to the new company with promises of continuing to meet Breedon royalty bills.

In his letter to Breedon authors, Caron wrote: “It is with much regret that I am writing to you today with the news that Breedon Publishing has gone into administration.”

Caron explained the change in the company’s structure thus: “All of the assets of Breedon Publishing have been transferred to The Derby Books Publishing Company Limited (or DB Publishing as we will be known), including the remaining stock of all of your books. We would like to transfer your contracts from Breedon Publishing to DB Publishing, including a commitment to pay the 2008 and 2009 royalties owed.

“If you agree to this transfer your contract will become the property of the new company. If you do not agree to this transfer then any outstanding royalty will have to go into the administration pot and you will become a creditor. If you do choose not transfer the contract though, you will be free to offer your content to an alternative publisher.

“I do hope that you decide to come over to the DB Publishing Company and that we can continue our otherwise successful relationship. Where the contracts have been transferred, all outstanding 2008 royalties, including advances on 2009 titles will be paid by the end of February 2010.”

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