£18,000 writing bursary on offer

Do you ever consider that you might be better suited to writing fiction, but never get the chance to clear your desk of impending previews, match reports and follow-ups? Then this could be your big chance to become the next Dick Francis or Tom Clancy.

MCNA (Medical Case Notes Assessment Ltd), a medico-legal company based in Margate, Kent, is awarding an £18,000 writer’s bursary to an aspiring writer (novice or experienced) who would like to dedicate up to 12 months writing a fiction novel, or collection of short stories. Applicants are invited to write about any subject and the writer retains full copyright ownership over their finished work.

Candidates are invited to write about any subject, as long as it is substantially a work of imagination and fiction.

Statistics from a survey conducted by Alternative Futures for One Life Live show that 1 in 5 people aspire to taking time out from work to write a book.

The aim of the bursary is to give the successful candidate the financial freedom to concentrate on writing the novel for up to a year. The bursary is open to anyone over the age of 18 years, resident in the UK or Ireland. The closing date for entries is November 30.

For more details and information on the Bursary log on here.

Alternatively, you can contact the bursary administrator by calling 01843 232 859.