Accreditation: English Open and Amateur pool

The English Open and English Amateur 8-ball pool tournaments, backed by new sponsors JLEC, will be held at The Hilton in Bradford on June 8-10, and journalists are invited to apply for accreditation by contacting the International Professional Pool Players Association (IPA) press officer via

With at least six current or past world champions in attendance, plus the brightest rising stars of the amateur ranks, spectators will be in for a pool feast from 2.30pm on the Friday until competition end, and with a quality venue, plus the very best equipment money can buy thanks to DPT tables, Strachan cloth, and Aramith balls, and live streaming on the website for those among the 5 million regular pool players in the UK who cannot attend, as pool will be shown worldwide and garner the audience it thoroughly deserves.

Interviews and photo opportunities can be arranged over the weekend on request with players, officials and committee members, and for all media formats.


Thu June 7: SJA Ladbrokes Lunch with Hugh Robertson, the Minister for Sport and the Olympics. Click here for booking details.