Sports Freelancer Collective – May 1 update – The Squall is launched

It’s here. The Squall, unruly younger sibling to The Blizzard, is out today so put your hands in your pockets and support this amazing initiative by TriNorth Communications. BUY HERE.

Jonathan Wilson (@jonawils) and Matthew Thacker came up with the idea to set up two digital magazines to provide cricket and football freelance writers with regular vehicles for their work.

The Pinch Hitter made its debut on April 3 and is available fortnightly and now The Squall has joined the digital stable.

Staff fromTriNorth have taken pay cuts to finance the two interactive magazines while Blizzard writers who could afford to do so have waived fees.

Freelancers who think they could contribute to the football magazine can pitch to Wilson on for cricket to Phil Walker, Jo Harman and Matt Thacker at