Quotes of the Year 2008

Here’s a brief selection of some of the sports quotes of the past year – add your own favourites in the Comments section below

“With so many people saying it couldn’t be done, all it takes is an imagination,” American swimmer Michael Phelps after winning an unprecedented eight gold medals at a single Games

“Now I have lots of work ahead as he is the country’s most eligible bachelor,” Babli Bindra, after son Abhinav won the 10-metre air rifle to take India’s first individual Olympic gold

“If you want to commit suicide it is up to you, but you do not have the right to kill your country. It is so sad the Athens Games golden girl was caught doping,” Greek Olympic Committee chief Minos Kyriakou after Athens women’s 400m hurdles champion Fani Halkia failed a drugs test and was sent home

EURO 2008
“At last we’ve done it. I’m not sure we’re yet conscious of what we’ve achieved. It’s a huge feeling of happiness for all Spanish fans. They deserve it because we were all sick and tired of failing at the quarter-finals,” Spain’s captain and goalkeeper Iker Casillas

“I hope to be a big traitor tomorrow. When I’m a traitor, I like to be a very good traitor,” Russia coach Guus Hiddink. Russia won 3-1

“We have now given out yellow vests to all our staff who have to work or cross the tracks in Basel, where the Dutch fans are now based,” Swiss railway spokesman Oliver Tamas explains how workers had to ditch their usual orange vests after confused Dutch fans started following them on to the tracks

“Wonders only happen every 30 years or so. If they happened every 14 days then they would not be wonders. 2004 was a wonder and it cannot happen every time,” Greece coach Otto Rehhagel is philosophical about the defending champions’ group-stage exit

“I’ve created a monster so I know I need to always win every tournament. It’s not easy coming out every week trying to win,” Roger Federer after his Australian Open semi-final defeat in a year he lost his No1 ranking to Rafael Nadal

“It’s very pleasant to beat Maria…Why? Well, I don’t like her outfit,” Alla Kudryavtseva explains what spurred her to a shock victory over Maria Sharapova in Wimbledon’s second round

“I know the media all love me. They must care about me because they’re always asking me if I’m going to stay or go,” Avram Grant before Chelsea’s Champions League final defeat by Manchester United

“Sometimes you have to swallow the unswallowable,” manager Arsene Wenger after Arsenal’s Champions League quarter-final defeat by Liverpool

“I couldn’t have got any fatter, I was running out of clothes,” Ronaldo bemoans his battle with the bulge after spending most of the year injured

“I was shouting: ‘Do I have it, do I have it?’ And then they came on when I was at Turn One and they told me and I was ecstatic. It’s been a dream,” Lewis Hamilton on crossing the Brazilian Grand Prix finish line as F1 world champion

“I know how to lose and I know how to win and it is another day of my life from which I am going to learn a lot,” Felipe Massa after being beaten to the title by one point

“I’ve been doing it for 45 years, I’ve been extremely careful, I’ve never got caught,” FIA President Max Mosley speaking about sadomasochism

“I’m glad I’m done. I really don’t feel like playing any more. It’s a bit sore. I’m going to shut it down for a little bit here and see what happens,” Tiger Woods after winning the US Open with one good knee and a stress fracture in his left leg

“I love the idea of the back nine of a major on a Sunday. I love it so much that I’m actually disappointed I’m seven months away from the next major and I don’t know what I’m going to do,” Padraig Harrington, after winning the US PGA Championship

“My players poured their heart and soul into this for one week. They played great, the crowd was unbelievable and I couldn’t be happier,” US Ryder Cup captain Paul Azinger after his team won the trophy for the first time in nine years

“I’ve achieved so much more than I thought I could and I’m ready to move on. The motivation was not there any more,” 10-times major winner Annika Sorenstam

“I truly believe that the reason I made the awful mistake and a few thereafter was because I didn’t love myself enough to tell the truth,” Marion Jones cries during an interview with talk show host Oprah Winfrey after serving six months in prison for lying about doping

“I’ve lived a wild and strange life. I’ve used drugs, I’ve had physical altercations with dangerous people, people were angry. I’ve slept with guys’ wives, they wanted to kill me. I’m just happy to be here. It’s just a miracle,” Mike Tyson

“I stood at the top of the mountain and heard the cheers from the people. In jail my status is gone. I am just as human as everyone else,” Tim Montgomery, once the 100m world record-holder, who was jailed for cheque fraud and on heroin charges

“It has been a fantastic journey. There have been ups and downs in the process of success. It has taken me 19 years to get the record,” Sachin Tendulkar celebrates setting the world record for the most Test runs

“I have decided to race my bicycle again,” seven-times Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong announces he will return to competitive cycling


“I wrap nappies filled with my three-year-old son Max’s wee around my fists. Baby wee is good because it’s pure, doesn’t contain toxins and doesn’t smell,” Vitali Klitschko reveals how he stops his fists swelling up

“Sometimes the red mist sets in and I put my foot on the gas but Rome wasn’t built in a day,” Ricky Hatton adds the mixed metaphor of the year title to his world light-welter crown

“We just wet the bed. A nice big one too. One of the ones you can’t put a towel over. It was terrible,” Kobe Bryant on how the Los Angeles Lakers blew a 20-point, second-half lead and lost to the Boston Celtics 97-91 in the NBA Finals

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