Squash goes online for TV coverage

From the Professional Squash Association
The Professional Squash Association’s on-demand squash internet TV streaming service SquashTV is now live.

With a minimum of 12 tournaments and 250 live games to be shown in 2010, SquashTV is now the primary online destination for squash fans around the world.

The first event – the JP Morgan Tournament Of Champions 2010 – will be covered live from 22-28 January. America’s premier squash championship features the sport’s top players: the perfect event to showcase the new website and its features.

Squash TV’s high quality live streaming is available on both PCs and Macs. Squash enthusiasts are urged to sign up and watch the live action.

Selected matches are also available in full on demand to subscribers, plus Squash TV also features shorter highlights.

“We are hugely excited about the full launch of Squash TV,” said PSA CEO Alex Gough. “It has been a hectic few months getting everything into place. We are pleased with people’s initial reactions to the price plans and will be focusing on delivering a superb product consistently across the year.

“We are hopeful it will also be an incredibly useful tool in putting top squash out there when we have our syndicated eplayer fully functional as we can place it on as many websites that will take it. These will be fed with the highlights clips from each day’s play to keep people up to date in an informative exciting way.”

Visit for further details

For further information: Howard Harding, PSA World Media Manager
Tel: (44) 1737-243333 or (mobile) (44) 7773-325130

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