Online sports features service launched

Sports Features Communications is launching the ultra-targeted SFC Press Point system in an online format for press releases and story leads, catering to more than 60 sports.

The new system allows organisations to create free-to-post accounts and upload their own content, logos and photographs.

An important extra addition is the ability to pitch vital story leads to generate publicity about your team, league, athlete, organization or sporting event, or blog.

It’s fast, easy and cost-effective – and SFC Press Point is indexed in Google News and cross-referenced in a multitude of online portals and blogs.

Sports Features is read worldwide by top-level media, IOC members, NOCs, IFs, sponsors, Olympic Games and international and national soccer officials including World Cup bidders, TV rights holders and a multitude of decision-makers in sport.

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Ever since its creation six years ago, has targeted an international sports audience with special reference on the elite sports. Almost 50,000 press releases have been posted through the SFC Press Point since inception from sports organisations worldwide.

Sport Features founder Laura Walden and international football specialist Keir Radnedge have built up the specialized micro-sites for Olympic Features and World of Soccer which offer original perspective on elite sports and complements the Press Point system.

Both Laura Walden and Keir Radnedge are independent media specialists with no lobbying or promotional interests, thus guaranteeing the independence of the micro-sites – while offering all sports organisations the opportunity to make their voices heard via the Press Point channel.

Favourite features on-site remain, such as the Home Page with its unrivalled wealth of breaking sports headlines with more than 3,000 displayed online and updated within minutes.

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