SJA website welcomes Equestrians and Athletes

The SJA website today proudly welcomes members of the British Equestrian Writers’ Association (BEWA) and British Athletics Writers’ Association (BAWA), whose organisations’ web Homepages are now being hosted at

This is an important move for the SJA, and marks the second phase in the development of the website’s re-launch, as it sees us offering a tangible benefit to colleagues in specialist sports writers’ organisations.

It is hoped that other specialist sports journalist organisations will take advantage of a co-hosted website in the near future.

Now, BEWA and BAWA members, and anyone interested in their activities, can navigate to their respective Homepages either by clicking on the appropriate link on the Main Menu, or by pasting or into the address bar on their browser.

Both associations also now have a dedicated content section within the SJA newsblog, where all their latest news, reports and announcements can be found. BEWA news is here, while BAWA news is here.