Hockey Writers stick with SJA

The SJA is delighted to announce that the Hockey Writers’ Club is the latest specialist sports writers’ organisation to have joined us “virtually”, with their own page on

The HWC, who already have their own website – – will now have a “landing page” on the SJA website, providing basic contact information on their activities, a listing on the website’s navigation column, and a special section for all their latest announcements in the news blog, offering a quick reference resource for journalists keen to discover more about the sport and its coverage.

The Hockey Writers’ members include broadcasters and photographers who cover the sport around the world. They join the British Athletics Writers’ Association and British Equestrian Writers’ Association in having a presence on the SJA website.

With the help of Bill Colwell, the former SJA treasurer and long-time HWC official, the hockey page was discussed and agreed by Dil Bahra, secretary of the Hockey Writers’, and SJA secretary Steven Downes at the annual hockey awards last month.

“When the Association was founded in 1948, one of the founders’ aims was to offer a set of ‘umbrella’ services to the existing specialist writers’ clubs, and our website is enabling us to do something along those lines in a modest manner,” Downes said.

“It allows us to promote the work of our colleagues and help them reach a broader sports journalism audience – which, for Olympic sports such as hockey, will be an ever-growing requirement between now and 2012.”

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