UK Sport: Mission 2012 announcement

When: Wednesday 8 April 2009

Where: UK Sport, 40 Bernard Street, London, WC1N 1ST

Time: Arrive at 10.30am to view Mission 2012 Tracker Boards; Briefing will commence at 11am

Who: The briefing will be hosted by John Steele (Chief Executive) and Peter Keen (Director of Performance)

What: As the new sports funding cycle (2009-13) kicks in we will reflect on the latest outputs from Mission 2012, the process through which UK Sport assesses the progress being made by our Olympic and Paralympic sports on the road to London 2012. The Mission 2012 Tracker Board will be available to view, featuring the latest sport-by-sport summaries. We will also release details of the 2009 performance targets that have been set for these sports.

To confirm your attendance, or if you require any further information, please contact Lee Taylor in the UK Sport Communications Team ( / 020 7211 5105)

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