Beijing perspective: John Cross

JOHN CROSS, of the Daily Mirror, at his third Olympics, offers his thoughts on Beijing and worries about London’s traffic

Review Beijing
Beijing has been a brilliantly organised Olympics, a superb Games to cover and even better to watch because of Britain’s successes and also international stars like Usain Bolt and Michael Phelps.

Some people have suggested it’s lacked the colour and fun element of Sydney. But for me, Beijing runs Sydney close not just because of Britain’s achievements but also because of the host city and the warm welcome and the facilities.

The people here are serious and it would be wrong to expect them just to drop their culture for us. But the Beijing people are polite, helpful and they have provided us with a rare insight into their world.

Preview London
London has a tough act to follow. Transport was supposedly a major worry for Beijing.

Well, I wish my journeys across London on the Tube and by car ran as smoothly as they have in Beijing. I know they have set up an Olympic lane and alternated which days cars can drive on the roads, but our roads are a nightmare compared to Beijing.

Beijing’s venues are is also sensational and the Bird’s Nest makes Wembley look overpriced, outdated and a disappointment.

In terms of sport, hopefully the results in Beijing and being the host city in 2012 can help us build on our success.

Beijing star
My personality of the Games has been Usain Bolt internationally and domestically it has to be Chris Hoy, pictured above. An Olympic legend.

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