SJA welcomes a bumper batch of new members

The Sports Journalists’ Association would like to welcome a bumper batch of new members, signed up during the summer, with more than 30 being approved by the most recent meeting of the committee on Wednesday this week.

It is invidious to single out any particular names, however… Jonathan O’Neil, the former press chief for Sport England; Mark Woods, a sports freelancer in Scotland; photographer Nigel Farrow, who has already contributed several images for use on this website; Brian McNally, the Sunday Mirror‘s football writer from the north-east; PA’s rugby correspondent Terry Cooper; and two sons of existing, and award-winning, SJA members, Michael Collins (BBC London radio producer, son of Patrick Collins) and Tottenham press officer Richard Hubbard (son of Alan).

The full list of new members is as follows:

Ayode Ademakinwa, John Aizlewood, Dave Beckett, Michael Crawford-Hick, Sheryl Crawford-Maclachan, Joolze Dymond, Stephen Eyton, Matthew Fitchett, Nicholas Johnson, Kerry McCarthy, Jonathan O’Neil, Ray Pascoe, David Pye, Simon Stacpole, Ed Sykes, Ian Walmsley, Stuart Weir, Andy Whitehouse, Mark Woods;

John Clifton, Paul Dowker, Peter Ford, Robin Jones, John Marsh, Neil Morrison, Rebecca Naden and Sam Sheringham;

Peter Blackman, Michael Broadis, Lynne Cameron, Karen Chappell, Michael Collins, Adam Cornwell, Andrew Cowie, Julian Crabtree, Diana Entwistle, Janet Entwistle, Nigel Farrow;

Simon Felsteib, John Fryer, Kieran Galvin, Peter Henderson, Richard Hubbard, Andrew James, Damian Johnson, Alex Kunawicz, Anthony Marshall;

Graham McLachlan, Brian McNally, Gary Naylor, Robert Noyes, Leslie Perry, Paul Redding, Sarah Smith, Jon Stroud, Nicky Thomas, Brian Townsley, Keith Williams, Terry Cooper

All the new members have completed the mandate forms – it is important that as many existing members as possible do so as well – click here for details and a bank mandate form