SJA member winning cancer campaign

Bill Elliott, The Observer‘s golf writer, says “that after nearly 40 years of sportswriting, I may have been forced into something journalistically that really can make a difference for all men in the UK”.

But Elliott’s circumstances are something which no one would want to have to endure. In April, he was diagnosed as having prostate cancer and within an hour his wife, Val, was told she has breast cancer.

What followed, with Val being offered treatment through the NHS while Bill was told that treatment was not available for his condition, has prompted Elliott into launching a media campaign that is already yielding important results.

Bill writes:

“We have already embarrassed and coerced the local Primary Care Trust into funding this treatment not just for me but for three other men in the queue, and another PCT has reversed their policy and is now automatically funding brachytherapy, which has given funding to another half-dozen.

“Our cancer team have been trying to achieve this for eight years they tell me. I’m not blowing our trumpet but Val and I have done it less than eight weeks via articles in The Observer, the Daily Mail, appearances on the Jeremy Vine Show and other radio shows, interviews with local papers and various magazines.

“I’ve won my battle and pulled a few more through the wire with me but I’m determined to move this on and to get a government directive to change this iniquitous situation and process.

“Now I have won the battle for funding, I still have to have the op and fight the cancer.”

The Association wishes Bill and Val all the best ith their on-going campaign and their treatments.

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