Norman Giller is unwell

Stalwart SJA member and contributor Norman Giller goes to hospital tomorrow for treatment on an eye infection which has caused him extreme pain and affected his sight in recent weeks.

From his home in “dozy, delightful Dorset, Giller said, “My eye problem (which has been the cause of much merriment) appears to be developing into something quite serious.

“I was sent off to hospital yesterday, and they have made preliminary tests and want me back on Friday. My right eye is virtually sightless and now the conjunctivitis has spread to my left eye. I am having great difficulty seeing to type. It all comes as I am striving to write book No84.”

Since 2008, Giller has filed a regular column for the SJA website, full of tales and reminisces of a lifetime working on the sports desks from the Stratford Express to the Daily Express, to scriptwriting for This Is Your Life, compiling fiendish crosswords and following his progress in a new self-publishing venture, The Lane of Dreams.

“Uncle Norman’s been absolute old school, always on time with his wonderfully crafted copy, even this week when he has been undergoing treatment for his eye. He’s always helpful with suggestions and advice,”’s editor, Steven Downes, said. “He’s an absolute trooper, all his work for the SJA being done voluntarily, without any fee and never a request for payment.

“His tales of the good old days of Fleet Street are an education in themselves, but Norman’s indomitable spirit in turning out popular books, all under his own steam, adopting the internet as his marketing tool, all in his seventh decade, is a real lesson to all sports journalists.

“We all hope that he enjoys a swift recovery and is back to his usual chipper self as soon as possible, and is able to resume his column, which is extremely popular among SJA members and other visitors to the website.”

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