Lord honoured by Americans for campaigning work

SJA member Craig Lord will receive the Al Schoenfield Award at the International Swimming Hall of Fame in Florida this weekend, the first British journalist to be so honoured.

An SJA committee member until last month, Lord has been swimming correspondent of The Times since 1989.

He is well known for campaigning reports, especially on swimmers in China and his work on doping in East Germany and the case of Irish swimmer Michelle Smith de Bruin. In 1998, Lord broke the news that de Bruin faced suspension for manipulating a drug test sample. Smith de Bruin was subsequently suspended and retired while serving her ban.

The Al Schoenfield Award commemorates a past editor and publisher of US-based Swimming World magazine. Past recipients of the Al Schoenfield Award include New York Times journalist Frank Litsky, Olympic documentarian Bud Greenspan and south Florida journalist Sharon Robb.

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