SJA asks members to support recruitment drive

We have a bumper batch of new members to welcome to the Sports Journalists’ Association, as more colleagues discover the many benefits of being an SJA member, including significant cost savings on events and the ability to obtain an internationally recognised press pass.

Those members who had their applications approved at February and April committee meetings were:

Ezechiel Abatan
Tusdiq Din
Ian Gordon
Matthew Lewis
Eoin Mundow
Jed Novick
Gerry O’Connor
Anna Semens
Guy Swarbrick
Jed Wee
Richard Wilson
Joe Giddins
Stephen Pond
Richard Cashin
Colin Cruwys
Toby Fuller
Terry Harris
Martin Lauricella
Duncan Mackay
Anne Parker
Steve Rowe
Graham Taylor
Will Tidey
Jacques Valstar

Membership Secretary Bill Colwill reports that around 25 per cent of existing members have as yet failed to pay the correct subscription fee for 2008 – which is £30 for those based in London, and £20 for all others.

Paying your annual subs could not be easier: there is a bank mandate available online which can be easily completed to ensure you are paying the correct amount.

We are also looking for all existing SJA members to go out a recruit at least one new member, to ensure that the Association will have an all-time record 1,000 members by the end of our 60th anniversary year. Like the bank mandate forms, membership application forms are also available online.

Obtain an internationally recognised press card – by joining the SJA and AIPS, serving professional sports journalists: click here for details