Questions of sport/2

Welcome to Part 2 of the SJA’s end-of-year sports quiz. Spread over 10 days, having started yesterday, we hope this is a tough test of your sporting knowledge, with £100-worth of prizes available to the best and quickest three entries.

But do not enter now – you need to try to answer all 100 questions that will be set for you through to Dec 31. The winner will be the e-mail entry from an SJA member with the highest score received from December 31. Final entry details will be published on Dec 31. Here is the second batch of questions:

11, Name the world record-breaking former England cricket captain who failed to persuade Hitler that Germany ought to take up cricket?

12, Cricket: Between Godfrey Evans’s last Test and Alan Knott’s first, England used seven wicketkeepers. Name at least three of them.

13, Jim Laker took 19 wickets in the famous Old Trafford Test match against Australia in 1956. Who took the other Australian wicket and which Aussie batsman did he dismiss?

14, Which national newspaper racing correspondent’s father served as a judge at the Nuremburg trial after the Second World War?

15, Name the Olympic silver medal-winner in Turin in the women’s skeleton bob.

16, Which Briton has come closest to winning the Olympic Marathon gold medal?

17, With which London football club did Bobby Moore share his third forename?

18, Name the captain of the Great Britain hockey squad that won the men’s Olympic gold medal in Seoul.

19, What is the 1962 Empire Games swimming 100m freestyle gold medallist better known for today?

20, Who partnered Steve Redgrave (pictured) to his second Olympic gold medal?

Don’t try to enter yet. Another set of questions tomorrow.

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