Do your Christmas shopping online here

If you are doing some Christmas shopping online, why not use this website,, to nab yourself a bargain, and benefit your Association at the same time?

All the click-through advertisements on this website are specially linked to pay a (modest) commission on each sale to the SJA.

But the main beneficiary of the offers – such as the regular deals from Tesco wines, often up to 50 per cent off; heavily discounted iPods from Apple; special rates on golf weekends; and money off on Dell computers – will be you, the customer.

The ads are normally positioned to the right-hand side of our news stories, and at the base of each article. All you have to do to investigate further, is click on the ad and visit the supplier’s website.

So, if you are looking around for some money-saving deals, make sure you look here first.

Your SJA subscription is due from JANUARY 1 – click here click here for details of how to make your payment