Prescott gets new role in RFU media shake-up

The RFU has announced a “strengthening” of its management team in charge of England rugby and Twickenham, with exisitng press chief Richard Prescott to work under a corporate communications and public affairs director, as yet to be appointed.

In a statement issued by the RFU, chief executive Francis Baron said: “An integrated and expanded Communications and Public Affairs department is being established to cater for the expansion of the RFU’s activities and to ensure that we are fully resourced to support the requirements resulting from the significant increase in time we now have with the England team and the Senior EPS.

“This new department will cover our corporate and business communications requirements, our public affairs activities, internal RFU communications, local community relations as well as the above mentioned press and media support for all England teams. The new department will be headed up by a Corporate Communications and Public Affairs Director currently being recruited.

“Richard Prescott has been consulted at length over the new department and fully supports its establishment and the appointment of the Corporate Communications and Public Affairs Director to whom he will directly report.

“Richard will concentrate on the increased management requirements for all the England teams using the specialist knowledge and expertise gained from working successfully on the last three RWCs. He will assume the role of England Teams Media Director when the new department is established and have responsibility for all press and media matters (including media operations on match days) in relation to the England Team, the Elite Rugby department and all other England representative teams.”

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