London to get free sports magazine

As Londoners groan under the weight of free newspapers being thrust into their hands at Tube stations across the capital comes news of the launch of a weekly sports magazine due to be distributed in similar fashion from the end of this month.

Sport, published by Sport Media & Strategy, will be based on the free French magazine of the same name, which was launched in Paris in March 2004 and became profitable after 20 months. But an attempt by another company to launch a football magazine distributed at Premiership grounds around the country, called Free Kick, foundered in 2001 for lack of advertising.

Sport, however, is backed with a significant £7 million investment from international media investors CLG, headed by Tim Howland.

Around 350,000 copies of the 48-page publication will be distributed by hand between 7am and 9.30am each Friday, outside 94 underground stations and 20 mainline stations, while 333 gyms and sports clubs and major company headquarters will also be targeted.

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