Keegan news adds thousands of extra sales

The sensational announcement of Kevin Keegan’s return as manager at Newcastle United, made three hours after the local evening newspaper’s usual deadline, saw the Evening Chronicle rush out a special late edition that sold all 15,000 copies last night.

Copies of the late edition were sold by staff from all departments to fans arriving for the FA Cup third round replay against Stoke.

The newspaper also covered the breaking news – which had been kept as a boardroom secret at St James’s Park for three days – on its website with a picture gallery, fans video vox-pops and a background piece about his previous reign at St James’s Park.

Chronicle editor Paul Robertson told “Whoever thinks newspapers are no longer relevant should have been in our newsroom on the night of January 16.

“Within minutes of Keegan’s announcement arrangements were in place to print the late extra edition to announce his arrival.

“It was a truly magnificent effort from editorial, newspaper sales, our press crews, digital team – everyone threw their heart and soul into producing first class coverage live – in-print and online.

“I cannot praise the team highly enough for what was a truly brilliant multimedia effort.”

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