Bath student wins first SJA training bursary

A student at Bath University has won the Sports Journalists’ Association summer bursary, worth almost £2000.

Sean Lightbown, who finishes his degree in politics with economics this month, has the chance of making his dreams of being a sports journalist come true. He will take this summer’s intensive course in magazine journalism, run by PMA Media Training in London, with half his course fee paid through a unique new scheme.

“This is terrific news,” said Lightbown, who comes from Bolton. “I applied for the bursary, but didn’t really think I’d win it.”

Sean has been sports editor for two years on the university newspaper, managing a team of writers and setting them briefs.

“Proof-reading and sub-editing into the small hours on the university newspaper have given me an introduction to the kind of hours I can expect.”

Keith Elliott, the SJA’s training officer, said: “We were very impressed by Sean’s maturity and by what he had done with the university’s sports pages. He’s got the right attitude and I reckon he’ll do very well.”

During the internsive nine-week course, Sean will cover all the core skills needed by today’s journalist, from news-writing, feature-writing, sub-editing, design, law, shorthand and working online to shooting and editing video.

The SJA makes the bursary award twice yearly. More details of the intensive magazine journalism course from

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