Calling all women SJA members

Yvonne Gabriel, an English and Journalism degree student at the University of Leipzig in Germany, has contacted the SJA asking for assistance with research for her dissertation.

She is seeking responses to a questionnaire from women members of the SJA.

All responses will be treated as confidential. She asks that you email her with responses to the following questions:

How did you get into the business?

How difficult has it been becoming a sports journalist?

Have you encountered any particular problems or barriers being a sports journalist?

How has your ability to work the night and weekend shifts dictated by covering sport been affected by married life and having children (as opposed to, say, if you had chosen to work on features or fashion)?

In your opinion, is it more or less difficult today for women to work as sports journalists than when you began your career?

What, in your view, could make it easier for women to become sports journalists?

What advice would you give to other women wanting to enter the profession?

Please send your responses to Gabriel by email.

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