SJA withdraws invitation to awards to Tyson Fury

The Sports Journalists’ Association, organisers of the British Sports Awards in London on December 17, has withdrawn its invitation to Tyson Fury, the world heavyweight champion, to attend the event.

Tyson Fury: made threats against an SJA member
Tyson Fury: made threats against an SJA member

The officers of the SJA took the decision reluctantly, since the British Sports Awards seek to recognise the year’s great sporting achievements, which include Fury’s heavyweight world title win. But the decision was made as a consequence of threats made by Fury against at least one sports journalist, an SJA member, who has written about the boxer’s repugnant comments on homosexuality and women.

The SJA’s British Sports Awards are the country’s oldest annual sporting awards event, staged since 1949. The SJA is the largest organisation of professional sports journalists in the world. The SJA’s Sportswoman, Team and Sportsman of the Year are selected by a vote of its members.

A spokesman for the SJA said: “We are aware of threats made by Tyson Fury against one of our members, and therefore feel that it would be incompatible with the nature of our event, or the interests of our members, our other guests and our sponsors, for us to continue to extend a welcome to Tyson Fury to our awards next week.”

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