Beijing Olympics accreditation: apply now

From the BOA
The media accreditation application process for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games has begun.

Media organisations and freelancers should apply to the BOA, in writing, indicating the number of representatives they wish to be put forward for accreditation at the 2008 Olympic Games, no later than December 15.

The request should be sent to the following address:
Beijing Accreditation – Communications Department
British Olympic Association
1 Wandsworth Plain
London SW18 1EH

or by e-mail to

Given the likely pressure on accreditation numbers, there is no guarantee that initial allocation requests will be fulfilled.

Sports Editors of media organisations will be responsible for co-ordinating the application process for the sports, news and photo desks within their organisations, to ensure the flow of information to us is from one source.

Under the chairmanship of Steve Parry (a former Reuters Sports Editor and current press advisor to the IOC), the independent Media Advisory Committee (MAC) will consider each application and will allocate accreditations so as to ensure the greatest and widest British coverage of the Olympic Games.

At this point, only the total number of E accreditations being applied for needs to be indicated to us. The generic category E covers accreditations issued to the written and photographic press, technicians, support staff and non-rights holding radio and television personnel.

First posted on Nov 14

For more information, visit the BOA website by clicking here.