“I won’t lose sleep. If it doesn’t happen, it doesn’t happen”

This week’s sports and journalism quotes of the week includes Andy Murray, more Keys and Gray, Crawley Town’s FA Cup run and rugby’s bit of eye candy. Compiled by IAN COLE

“The wrong two guys were given the red card. Sky was offside in the way it handled it” Julia Keys, wife of sacked Richard Keys, sounds like she has been watching too many Sky Super Sundays.

“Ultimately, to denounce Keys and Gray for their unpleasant comments is just dealing with the effects, rather than the cause of the problem. For a start, if Sky Sports is serious about eradicating sexist views, it needs to look carefully at its policy of hiring glamorous female presenters for spurious duties. It hardly encourages a culture of respect for women” An Insider delivers some thoughts on a “culture of sexism” at Sky Sports.

Andy Murray: another Grand Slam final

“It’s not something I lose sleep over. It’s going to be tough for a few days. If it doesn’t happen, it doesn’t happen” Andy Murray remains philosophical after losing his third Grand Slam final in straight sets.

“It must be the easiest job in television. You watch them play the point, and then say “Oh, that really is a magnificent shot” or something similar, then you comment on Andy Murray’s body language and, job done, you can go back to the crossword” Martin Kelner, in The Guardian, on the art of tennis commentary.

“We are going to the greatest club in the world. I’m going to be up against the greatest manager who has ever lived. I may never get another opportunity to do that and I want to enjoy it. All my players will want to be in the team for that game, but they must do the business in the league in the next couple of weeks. Otherwise, they’ll have a brilliant view from a seat in the stands” Steve Evans, the Crawley Town manager, after the draw for the fifth round of the FA Cup sends the Blue Square Premier side to Old Trafford to play Manchester United.

“History shows how extremely difficult it is to fight on four fronts. But it would be difficult to tell my players we do not go for this or that cup now” Arsene Wenger, whose Arsenal side, still involved in the Premier League title race, the Champions League and the Carling Cup final, reach the fifth round of the FA Cup.

“I made a mistake not selecting him. He is one of the players who can make the difference in every moment. Theo is a player who can play 20 minutes and I should have taken him” Fabio Capello admits for the first time that he might have been wrong to omit Theo Walcott from his World Cup squad.

“I can’t face getting back at 2am feeling depressed if we’ve lost. I’ll be partying at home with my kids, like most West Ham fans, if we go through” David Sullivan, the West Ham co-chairman, tells 3,800 travelling Hammers fans that he would not be joining them at the club he once owned, Birmingham, in the Carling Cup semi-final second leg.

“Look, I’m no David Beckham. I might have had the odd look in Tesco’s, but nothing more. I know that in a few weeks the Champions League will be back on, everything will die down and people will forget the Ashes” Alastair Cook, the England Ashes her,o puts his celebrity status in perspective.

“As the Scottish play has it: ‘Full of sound and fury, signifying nothing’.” Patrick Collins‘ epitaph for the TV career of Andy Gray.

“Worthless and unplayable was Rubenstein’s instant but misguided verdict on Tchaikovsky’s first piano concerto” Jonathan McEvoy‘s intro in the Daily Mail for his report on… Tom Daley in a diving competition.

“Tottenham have yet to show publicly how their proposal would bring any real benefit to the people of Newham – or, for that matter, the people of London. I want to see the stadium and the park alive with activity seven days a week and 365 days a year and I have been impressed with how thorough West Ham’s plans are in this regard” Kate Hoey, the former minister for sport and now advisor to London Mayor Boris Johnson, on the merits of the football bids for London’s £450 million Olympic Stadium.

“Being part of the England team gets you recognised to a degree, but you have to really achieve something – win a Six Nations or Grand Slam, be successful at a World Cup – to get to the next level. There’s the level where people know you, then there’s stardom, then there’s super stardom, which is where Jonny Wilkinson is. He can’t go through an airport without a gaggle of girls running after him. Me, at the moment I’m just arm candy for my girlfriend” Ben Foden, England rugby full-back whose girlfriend is pop star Una Healy.

“This result is special for me. I couldn’t sleep last night, my husband was snoring too much” Li Na, first Chinese to reach a Grand Slam tennis final, finds there are problems in marrying your coach.

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