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HWC LogoWhen Richard Hollands, the renowned cricket correspondent of the Daily Telegraph and editor of Hockey Sport, along with Patrick Rowley and David Morgan, conceived the Hockey Writers’ Club in 1972, they could never have believed how much hockey writing would have changed or that the club would have bloggers and podcasters in its ranks.

It is to the club’s credit that it has moved forward with the times.

During its history, the HWC has achieved much – giant improvements have been brought about in the facilities now provided for the media and the understanding that exists between the media and the organising bodies at both national and international levels.

There is still a job to be done and it is our hope that we can continue to contribute and to play our part in advising and liaising with organisers of events in the interest of our members.

But the HWC founders must be extremely disappointed in the minimal amount of coverage given today to the game in the national media. Many of the HWC’s members are already members of the SJA, so it makes immense sense for this collaboration with our colleagues working on other sports to help spread news and information about hockey.

The whole object of a club is to provide benefits for its members. Its website is just one of the assets we offer as we move forward.

Hockey writers are a vital link between the sport and its supporters and carry a heavy responsibility for portraying the game. This will not be achieved unless there is a good partnership between writers and the game.

England's players celebrate their penalty shoot-out final victory over the Netherlands
England celebrate their penalty shoot-out victory in the 2015 EuroHockey final over The Netherlands

The HWC’s website already records past achievements of the club, but it is also there to record current events and to even look to the future.

We would welcome any suggestions for improvements and additional items.

A HWC handbook is published every two years listing members of HWC and useful contacts. We also publish quarterly newsletters.

HWC officers and committee:

Chairman: Graham Wilson,
Honorary Secretary: Susan Edghill,
Treasurer: Peter Luck,
Committee members: Bill Colwill OBE (Newsletter Editor), Rod Gilmour, Tom Cooper, Maurice Kittrell, Charles Randall and Pat Rowley.

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