British Equestrian Writers’ Association

BEWA LogoBEWA was founded in 1973, with the principal aim of gathering together specialist equestrian writers – photographers also joined later – so that we could collectively try to improve working conditions at horse shows and events in Britain. BEWA also aims to promote equestrian sport, to which end, among others, we hold an annual awards lunch towards the year’s end.

Zara Phillips receiving the 2005 BEWA Trophy from Alan Smith
Zara Phillips receiving the 2005 BEWA Trophy from Alan Smith

Originally there was just one award, for the outstanding rider of the year, but this has since been expanded and there are additional awards for riders aged 18 or under, and 25 or under, plus one for a person who has made an outstanding contribution to equestrian sport. There is also now an award for the leading horse. The awards are decided by votes from members of BEWA.

A handbook is published each year listing members of BEWA and useful contacts.

President: Alan Smith
T: 01367 810245

Chairman: Kit Houghton
T: 01278 671362

Vice Chairman: Kate Green
T: 01635 298805

Treasurer: Hugh Condry
T: 01398 324620

Secretary: Gillian Newsum
E: Gillian Newsum
T: 01954 232084

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