Sports Freelancer Collective Donation

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March 2020. When sport shut down and hundreds of freelance and self-employed sports journalists across print, photography and broadcast saw their income disappear overnight.

Out of this desperate situation the Sports Freelancer Collective, a coalition of major sports journalism associations, was born. It comprises the SJA, the Football Writers’ Association, BCOMS, Sports Media LGBT+, Lawn Tennis Writers, Rugby Writers, British Athletic Writers, Cricket Writers’ Club, British Basketball Writers, Association of Golf Writers.

For the last month we have tried to inform, help and guide those in our profession who are facing serious financial problems and we will continue to do so. The wonderful Philippe Auclair from the Football Writers’ Association ( has set up a mailing list which continues to grow day by day.

Our second aim has been to create an emergency fund so that we could help those most in need and we are delighted to announce the launch today.

Every penny raised will go to the fund and will be distributed on a case-by-case basis.

Anyone who has the privilege of working in sports journalism knows that it is a special industry with special people. To those who are still lucky enough to be in staff jobs, please think about those who have had the rug pulled from beneath their feet and who face the prospect of a summer of zero income.