Best sports book? Don’t bet on it

A year ago, highlighted the fact that the 2006 William Hill Sports Book prize went to a book that had been first published in 2004. Here, ANTON RIPPON looks at the 2007 shortlist and is disappointed to discover it includes one book that is not really a sports book at all, plus a less-than-convincing […]

Thornton’s book is a racing certainty

Anton Rippon reviews Not By A Long Shot by TD Thornton They call horse racing the sport of kings; in most cases, it is anything but. Strip away the royal patronage at the high end of the market, look beyond the multi-millionaire owners and the world-famous jockeys with their private aircraft, and you have the […]

Bittersweet tale of Clough’s contradictions

Anton Rippon reviews the latest addition to the growing set of books about Brian Clough – Duncan Hamilton’s Provided You Don’t Kiss Me First a confession: I must be one of the few people who couldn’t get on with David Peace’s widely regarded book, The Damned United, which allegedly covers Brian Clough’s infamous 44 days […]